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What our Artists are saying

The life blood of our creativity - Our Artists.  Providing their story for us to convert into a creative, content rich bio and a base for career development strategies.

Testimonials: Testimonials
SAm and the womp.jpg

This has been an amazing experience and I’m really happy to have gone through the process with Adam- now having a concise story for both my projects , I have learned a lot and achieved a fresh sense of identity and hope for the future and had FUN doing it! Highly recommended!

Sam Ritchie, Multi-Platinum Selling Artist (Sam & The Womp)

Bloom de Wilde.jpg

It was such a pleasure to work with Adam. I have always struggled with writing my bio, but in just two sessions we managed to write a clear, organic and imaginative story that I am so proud of, and delighted to share.
His charismatic personality makes you feel instantly at ease and supported; his natural ability to bring your unique story to life with such care and dedication makes it an eye-opening and inspiring experience.
I can whole-heartedly recommend working with Adam; you will not regret it!

Multi-Platinum Award Winning Artist Bloom de Wilde

Eric Reynolds.jpg

We were impressed by Adam's craft to weave and ride conversations. His ability to humble egoic mumbling to relaxed and friendly chats opened for stellar interviews.

Eric Reynolds (Director of Ignitelife Virtual Clubbing).

Standing like statues.jpg

We can safely say it was a worthwhile venture. Adam created a chilled environment for us, discussing techniques and methods to better demonstrate who and what we are as a band and with our music. We successfully managed to put our personality into print, with much thanks to Adam, for coaxing it from our minds.

Standing Like Statues

Tom Fairbairn.jpg

I recently worked with -the one and only- Adam Hayward on a new bio, really a whole new way of presenting myself as a musician who has spent the last 10 years or so transitioning to being primarily a mix engineer.
The thing I love about Adam is that, as well as a wicked sense of humour, he has "feet on the ground" experience of what the music press want from you, as an artist or band. And yet despite that, rather than prescribe, Adam enjoys passing on the tools for you to create your own authentic material.
Inspiring, challenging, fun, motivating: I suspect many bands learn so much about themselves in their sessions with Adam that they go away with a newly invigorated creative energy to pursue their work - whether that's writing, recording or building up to a new release.
For some it will be a big step to invest the time and budget in a service like media coaching - and yet, having been through his process, I'm confident most will leave wondering how they ever got by without this kind of expert help and support.

Tom Fairbairn (Mix Engineer/Portfolio Creative)

phantom state.jpg

I recently worked with Adam on a project for my bands upcoming album release.
I cannot recommend Adam's services highly enough. Adam's knowledge and passion about crafting story is unprecedented. From the get go Adam created an extremely relaxed and friendly environment. By the end of the session Adam took the bands story and truly brought it to life in a truly captivating way.
I now feel genuinely excited and confident with sharing our story.
I look forward to continuing to work with Adam throughout my career and urge any musicians looking to elevate their story to book in with Adam now. You will not regret it!

Ben Andrews (Phantom State)

the mechanist.jpg

From the offset, Adam was friendly, personable and insightful. We all felt equally heard and involved in the sessions, with Adam taking in and working with the information we gave him to guide the process, never directing or pushing in a direction that didn't feel like "us" and reaching an end product that we were all equally proud of. We would not hesitate to recommend Adam to anyone looking to streamline and step up their online presence and take your audience from interested in you to invested in you.

Sam Butterfield (The Mechanist)

Gemma Fox.jpg

After receiving a huge gig opportunity, I needed to put together a bio for the festivals website. But having over a year off from anything musical, and lacking in mojo, I was completely unprepared. Enter Adam! He sought me out to offer me help, along with a bit of a pep talk to get me back on track. Together, we composed a professional and unique biography/press piece in a very relaxed manner. We have agreed to work together again when my band Collibus are ready to release our next album. 10/10 Adam, I look forward to a pint with you in the future!

Gemma Fox (Solo Artist/Collibus)


We really enjoyed our sessions with Adam! Our biography was a bit stale (and cheesy in places); we hadn't rewritten it properly in ages - just kept tacking more bits on the end and making little edits here and there. Adam helped us start over from scratch and tell a really personal and relatable story that reflects the aims of our latest release. He was friendly, easy to work with, flexible, and super-supportive through the whole process. I'd highly recommend Adam to any band who wants to level up their bio so it has a bit of oomph and impact! (Photo By A2K Photography)

control the storm.jpg

It's so helpful to have someone with such a plethora of knowledge and experience break things down in a way that you can really understand. I don't think I've ever made so many notes!

Matt Smith (Control The Storm)

the brink.jpg

Adam is a fantastic guy with a huge knowledge of the industry! After our brief chat I felt like I’d know him for years. He gave me some great points, some great advice and a new way of thinking which had a very positive impact. Would highly recommend to any musician/band wanting to branch out and expand their minds and knowledge.

Tom Quick (The Brink)

Elliott Alderman-Broom.jpg

Working with Adam is always a pleasure and his knowledge and experience is only exceeded by his personality. I would recommend his services to any artists that want to craft an engaging narrative that supports their brand or just get some expert advice on the subject!

Elliott Alderman-Broom (Artist Manager Enso Music Management)

Nikki Smash.jpg

Adam gave a master class Q&A with my BIMM students and was absolutely brilliant it’s a shame we didn’t have 3 hours because we wanted more! His experience, knowledge, love and care for what he’s doing is refreshing I think I’m going to brush up on a few things with him myself! Thank you Adam

Nikki Smash (Recording Artist and Lecturer in Music Industry at BIMM London).


Mr Adam HAYWARD is an absolute gem of a man. The epitome of genuineness, and caring; especially when it comes to writing a bio. I can honestly say that I had no idea what a proper bio was supposed to look like. My bio now, is worlds apart from what it used to be. It’s the difference between it being narrated by Morgan Freeman or Joe Pasquale.
Adam in a genius in capturing a person’s true character and turning it into a true narrative of what they are all about.
I am so glad to have had this opportunity to work with Hayward Media Coaching. I am elated and very excited about my new bio! We had two sessions to get it done, it was not a chore. It was good fun, yet very professional at all times. Adam is the Barry Scott of Bio’s – BANG and the gumpf is gone!
A professionally written bio is a no brainer. You will not regret it!

Bob Strachan (Musician and Producer)


Adam is such a genuine guy who is really determined to help you out. From helping artists to find their narrative to students like me who are trying to get a foot in the music industry. Adam really knows the right people in this industry who all have hearts of gold. Seriously, I cannot thank him enough for connecting me with multiple tour managers, stage managers, and more. Besides that, Adam has given me great advice during multiple networking hangs and he always knows how to make me laugh which is always a good bonus!

Cyrille van Vlijmen (Tour Management Degree Student)


Adam is intelligent, knowledgeable and humble. I would recommend his services to any band that wants to push themselves forward.

Kieran Scott (Ashen Crown)

Tom Harris.jpg

Adam's help with writing a bio for Kinasis was absolutely fantastic. He managed to take the jumbled ideas we as a band had and collate them into a coherent, easy to read, accesable story which is representative of each of us and of the album as a whole. The process of writing a bio would have been much more long winded and ultimately we would have ended up with a much worse end product without his help. I Highly recommend his services.

Tom Harris (Kinasis)

Nick Lockwoode.jpg

Adam has been brilliant at managing and directing our conversations in coming up with a compelling story for my project. His enthusiastic investment in my ideas, and his compassionate and informed manner in our work inspired me and has resulted in a great outcome and a whole host of lessons learned. I highly recommend working with him.

Nicolas James Lockwoode ( Professional Jazz Bassist)

Tom Atkinson.jpg

I had a second session with Adam yesterday. And once again, Adam managed to get through to us like no one before and make us all reconnect with each other. Adam’s personality shines through and you feel like you’ve known him for a lifetime. I’d thoroughly recommend Adam to anyone, whether you’ve never had a session with Adam or you’re thinking about having another one. Just do it!

Tom Atkinson (VICE)


An amazing, lovely man with such vast experience, knowledge and meticulous attention to detail when it comes to working with artists!
He has given me a great direction with my press release and bio, and I now have such a clearer path and vision with my work.
It’s also given my work so much more depth, clarity and engagement.
As well as being very thorough he is super lovely to work with!
Highly recommend!

Ruthie Ryna (Solo Artist)


Adam provides very helpful insight into how to approach press and public relations for musicians and artists through friendly and relaxed meetings and openly answers any questions you have about how to tackle future PR and understand how to develop your brand through press and PR interactions.
Having known Adam for some time now through his press work, he has a wealth of experience of what makes a band stand out and will help you avoid making the mistakes that set back bands and brands in their early days and further down the line as well as providing outside perspective on how to further develop your branding and representation in the industry.
No matter what level your band is working at, Adam will have helpful insight to share with you and handles himself in a friendly and respectful manner through the process. Highly recommend having a chat with him. Cheers for your help Adam!

Allan Hef Forsyth (Guitarist-Ramage Inc)

Fallen mafia.jpg

Brilliant conversation was had with Adam, highly recommend. Very informative, and a real eye opener. Genuinely nice guy, very easy to talk to and looking forward to working towards new goals in the near future.

Stephen Hope (Fallen Mafia)

Leigh Holley.jpg

Adam is brilliant. Writing a band bio can be such a mundane thing to do, but working with Adam was purely fun and eye-opening. It's part of your CV, a bold statement for your audience to understand what it is you're set out to achieve.

Adam made us see this, and we'll certainly be using his services for some interview techniques too, guys got chat!

If you haven't used Adam before... That's where you've been going wrong.

Leigh Holley- Circus 66

Annabelle Alexandra Zaychenko.jpg

Working with Adam was a blast! Taking something from the whole collection and making it into something incredible is not even half of it!

It was so much fun working with such a talented individual who can literally home in on exactly what the band needed! It’s rare to meet and work work with such an extraordinary person and every minute was brilliant!

Thank you for your wonderful work and we cannot wait to work with you again!!!

100% recommend!

Annabelle Alexandra Zaychenko- Circus 66

Luke Ward.jpg

Adam is a real pro, a pleasure to deal with, and a cool operator to boot. We worked with Adam and his team to help craft and shape our story, throughout the process his approach put us at ease and he was able to draw out the core of whom we are, using his magical wordsmith skills to create an absolute piece of art.

10/10 would hire again!

Luke Ward- Circus 66

Connor Headshot.jpg

Adam is fantastic at finding the story behind the artist and helping us uncover the identity we didn't even know we had.

I would wholeheartedly reccomend to anyone looking to take their branding to the next level.

Connor Byron McGovern- Shadow Smile

Archy Tomas.jpg
Dan Carter.jpg

Adam knew exactly how to extract WHO you are without being obvious. The writing process was symbiotic, and allowed me to not only have an awesome bio, but to also understand and articulate exactly what my motivations are. I now have something to show people that is genuine, that doesn't feel dishonest. A pleasure through and through, thank you Adam!!!

Having known Adam for many years and knowing his industry contacts and knowledge in not just music but media. I thought his expertise was just what our learners needed to hear across our multiple courses.

Adam was professional, reliable, and thorough from the moment of booking to leaving the building. He came down to our centre with the aspiration to inspire.....and inspire he did.

From talking to musicians about their aspirations and how to get that crucial foot in the door with the media and promoters to making our Film, Video & Photographers evaluate hidden messages in their own images and identifying their stories.

The students loved him and have sought further assistance for their careers and the staff at Access Creative College in Birmingham found Adam charismatic, entertaining, and very easy to work with.

I'd recommend Adam to anybody.....


Adam is an 'all-star' amongst writers! That combined with his love for people makes him such a valuable member of any musician's team! Adam cares! He brings incredible value in getting one's brand out to the world! Really, he enlightens as to what a musician's brand truly is!!! So blessed to be working with Adam and call him friend. He's really helped us 'backwoods' Canadians to see a much bigger picture and vision for our band!!!

Ian Johnson.jpg
Tom Rog.jpg

Really interesting and inspirational information from Adam. If you are someone wanting to further your brand, get Adam on your team! Highly recommended.

Chick McFarlane.jpg

Really interesting and inspirational information from Adam. If you are someone wanting to further your brand, get Adam on your team! Highly recommended.

Tina Sherwood.jpg

Adam's common sense approach leaves you wondering 'Why on earth didn't I think of that!' Inspirational and down-to-earth, Hayward Media Coaching Services makes you think about marketing your brand for a contemporary demographic. Recommended 100%!


As the MD of The Forge Music Group I highly recommend Adam as he has worked with a number of our bands and every single one of them have come out of the process with a much clearer idea of their identity , their story and their future direction.

Adam has a way of cutting through the ‘noise’ and the traditional and totally predictable way that bands present themselves, and gets the musicians to refocus on where they are at currently and builds the true ‘story’ from there.

Our bands have come out of the experience of working with Adam with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Lewis Wise-Royal Bloom.jpg

Highly recomend, he is extremely knowledgable in his field and I learned an awful lot from listening to him.


Me, Anna Melidone and Mary Prince from MuddiBrooke had a couple of 2-hour Zoom sessions with Adam to discuss our band's 'story' for online media and PR.


We are so happy with how it all turned out!


Adam is lovely - it was just like having a chat with a mate. We now have a story/bio that we can have full confidence in; we can't wait for it to be read by industry professionals.

We fully recommend Adam to any band/artist that is looking for a bio that stands out from the crowd!

David Challenger Catalysts.jpg

Adam has the amazing ability to induce instant rapport. He will work with you to get your story written in the best way possible, in your own words. Adam will help develop your ideas with a passion that inspires, connects, whilst at the same time being part of an enjoyable creative process. Adam delivers the best you, you can be.

Haitham Alhardan Catalysts.jpg

What’s refreshing about working with Adam is his enthusiasm towards what we were trying to achieve.


Not only was the finished product great, but the whole process was really enjoyable. I’d highly recommend Adam to any bands wanting to write a stand out bio.


It’s easy to see why so many people love working with Adam. He actually takes time to get to know you, before diving head into the project. His drive is second to none and has helped write a cracking bio for our band. Great sessions, throughly enjoyed the process with him and the band. Thanks again Adam!

Adam was invited to talk to our musicians at WaterBear - The College of Music, and was very insightful in terms of approaches to take when in the middle of doing your degree. As a member of our MA Alumni, Adam was able to bring in authentic insight on the life of study as a creative, and created a discussion that allowed for vulnerability to be aired such as discussions on imposter syndrome amongst others. These kinds of discussions are not often brought to the surface and when they are, it brings people together as they see that are more often than not, they are not alone and this allows the fears to be either parked or addressed but ultimately for the focus to be brought back on to the work that needs to happen.

Thanks Adam, really great!

Stampede press.jpg

"In the digital age of expression it's never been more important to have a story that authentically connects you with your audience. Adam will get to the beating heart of what it is you are really trying to say, and help you stand out from the crowd!"

Working with Adam has been ace so far. Every conversation leaves you feeling so positive, energetic and like you’re getting stuff done. His approach to his work is unlike anything else I’ve seen and the results are spot on every time! Excited to do more stuff in the future!

Adam was a pleasure to work with and really helped me find the essence of my work and creation for Lili Caseley! very positive, inspiring and professional. 5/5 would recommend !

Lauren Diamond.jpg

Have absolutely loved working with Adam incredibly friendly and easy to talk to, open and honest. Definitely recommend working with him

Robert Freeman.jpg
Bobby McDougall.jpg
Chris Horne.jpg
Alex Rog.jpg
James Kennedy - Photo by Tom Damsell_edited_edited.jpg
Justin Kool.jpg
Benji Marks.jpg
Julian Holman- Trouble County.jpg
Emily Ansie- Short Girl Long Hair.jpg
Unknown Refuge.jpg
Daniel James Vardy.jpg
Ashish Dha.jpg
Ella Vanstone.jpg
Jon Hardcastle.jpg
Chris Johnson Fallen Mafia.jpg
Adas Cowan Fallen Mafia.jpg
James McCulloch She Burns Red.jpg

I would highly recommend working with Adam: not only is he a top bloke and great fun, he really knows his stuff when it comes to asking the right questions to really get the conversation evolving in an organic way, and that has helped us develop new ideas in our bio writing and focus on the deeper motives, ultimately giving us something we are really proud of. Well worth it, check this guy out, you won’t be disappointed - thanks man!

What an amazing experience to be able to work with Adam. He understands music, bands and the psychology of the whole industry. Working with him was enlightening, enjoyable and educational and I would recommend any up and coming bands or artists to work with Adam in the future.


Thanks again Adam for your labours with Nocturne Wulf, I am sure we will be back again for more of the above.

Excellent service from an excellent guy! Highly recommend!

This experience helped our band, Mad Haven to find a USP, something we have been trying to find for a few years now.The service is really flexible and helped us to create our best band bio yet! Thanks Adam.

Adam is an absolute joy to work with! He is also exceptionally talented and brilliant at what he does. His ability to capture the true essence of an artist & express it perfectly with an annoyingly natural talent for the written word, is something to behold. Working with Adam was a real pleasure & he completely nailed my brand identity in ways I hadn't even imagined. I would recommend him 100%.

The most remarkable aspect of working with Adam is how he manages to tap into your emotional truth but make you feel incredibly comfortable and at ease. His warmth, humour, insight and professional suggestions are wonderful and his creative input has lead to inspiration that cannot be put into words.

Simply put, Adam is exceptional and cannot recommend him enough to any band or artist out there.

I had a call with Adam personally and it was extremely helpful. He didn’t need to give me the time but I really appreciate that he did. He gave some fantastic advice that will definitely help me in the future. I already know he’s someone who I can have in my corner.

Great help! Managed to make my blurry vision clearer and created a clear path to my ultimate goal!

Adam is a charismatic intellectual and simply fantastic at his job - coaxing introspection from the coldest of souls!

He reads the tone of the room perfectly and offers witty and constructive advice.

Hayward Media Coaching Services offer an invaluable solution to individuals and bands and truly deserve their outstanding reputation!

Adam visited our college for an incredible talk to us students about everything to do with branding, biographies, motivation and who we are as artists and musicians! He was extremely inspirational with the experience he has got from being in the industry and how much he inspired me and other students to express our individuality! thank you so much!

Adam is a great guy to work with! What Adam has created from only 2 sessions is phenomenal! He’s gotten things out of us that I don’t think we even knew ourselves.

Would 100% recommend any band to look at what Adam has to offer!

I would just like to say a massive thank you to Adam for his amazing consultation. I would recommend anyone to have a chat with Adam! I came away with new brilliant ideas and a better understanding of how marketing a Bio should work.

Adam was very generous with his time, and very warm and engaging in the session. He was open-minded about new, somewhat esoteric ideas, and passionate and personable. He also had some interesting insights into bio writing! I really appreciate him giving me a session!

During a conversation with Adam, I took invaluable insight into how to develop my strategies and road map my projects to achieve my targets. Having designed a plan, we discussed the details of projects and I feel confident that I can achieve my goals! I am very thankful to Adam for his ability to understand and provide a useful, targeted and elegant process. Thank you, Adam!

Adam has a totally unique way of biography writing that makes all involved dig deep, soul search and get to the heart of what you are really doing and why. His professional but calming approach delivers results beyond expectations; he reads the tone of conversations as well as capturing in words the excitement of what you truly believe in. As a team, we couldn't be happier with the final product.

I wholeheartedly recommend Hayward Media Coaching Services and not just for bands or those in the music industry, every company out there can benefit from what Adam has to offer. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, learnt a lot and exceeded our expectations. Cheers Adam.

We've struggled to know what our MO and USPs are. Working with Adam has given a lot of clarity on who Fallen Mafia is and what our message is. The sessions have been great and have brought us closer together as a band as some of the conversations we would never have had without Adam. We would highly recommend Adam, he is a genius!

Well what can we say ... Mega, amazing, awesome ... we had 2 sessions with Adam and what an experience. He help us find ... US basically. The whole process was amazing and we're kind sad it has come to an end ... for now!!!. Thanks Adam - your a legend. Much love and respect.

An amazing experience. We came out with an outstanding bio and knowing more about each other and what the band was trying to achieve. Incredible

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