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  • Adam Hayward

Pluggin' Baby! Emma Scott Releases NEW Series on Radio Airplay.

Publicist, Radio Presenter, Journalist, and Author Emma Scott releases a BRAND-NEW YouTube series on how to get your foot in the door in radio.

Former Kerrang! and now Primordial Radio presenter Emma Scott has spent the last three decades working in the music industry, tirelessly championing both established and emerging artists from all over the globe as either a presenter or publicist, she has seen it all. And now Emma has launched a series of insightful and fascinating conversations to help emerging artists get a foot in the door with the medium of Radio, an area she has a wealth of experience with on both sides of the microphone.

In this first episode, Emma explores opportunities such as BBC Introducing and the vast wealth of radio stations based in the UK.

For more information and to subscribe you can subscribe to her YouTube channel by clicking here.

To learn more about her Radio Plugging services and more information go to the following.

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