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  • Adam Hayward

Narrative In Motion Meets Miss Moneypenny's Jim "Shaft" Ryan

My special guest on this episode of Narrative in Motion is a world-class innovator and founder of the world's largest dance music movement and empire Miss Moneypenny’s. From his beginnings in his home city in Birmingham UK to the stages, circumnavigating the globe over 50 times in his long career Jim “Shaft” Ryan continues to inspire up-and-coming creatives and spread the love of the movement. We are honoured to have him come and talk to us about his legacy and what it means to him, in his own words.

Jim's story is of resilience; adaptation to his environment and the unquestionable pursuit of excellence in everything he did and still does today. He is an inspirational character and I really hope that after listening to this you will also feel inspired to create your own path and make your own mark.

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