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  • Adam Hayward

Narrative in Motion

In recent times and in the pursuit of creating that so-called perfect brand, I’ve found myself focussing on the images and falling foul of the idea of branding as a completely visual experience. In terms of the branding of my business I wanted to SHOW my audience rather than TELL them what it is that I can do to best serve them.

Author Catharine Slade-Brooking (2016) suggests that a brand is more than simply a name, logo, symbol or trademark which highlights its origin. Brands are like unwritten contracts, promising the buyer satisfaction through consistent quality over time. Brands have the unique ability to emotionally connect with consumers and create lifelong relationships.

Narrative in motion is more than just a few clever words or a direct representation of what my business does in the physical sense to help stories moving. It is a promise, a pledge and commitment to my client that I will be there, walk along with them on their artistic journey and jointly experience the narrative that threads their very existence as a performer. This is my absolute commitment to the service I provide.

My narrative is driven directly from the protagonist of the story –YOU– and is a first-hand account of YOUR story – of which you will write and take ownership. The narrative is an account of a particular moment in your life – the now, the present. What the narrative then does is tell us of the future, what’s next – and you, the artist, will determine the motion of your story going forward.

DEATH BY WIKIPEDIA- Breaking the convention of the biography

Traditionally, an artist’s biography – whether on social media or website –has focussed upon reporting a timeline of events to the reader (e.g. formed in 1995, broke up in 1999, sacked the drummer in 1997 etc.”). We call this style “death by Wikipedia”. This chronological style might be functional when conveying a series of dates and career points, but what it fails to deliver is the ability to make an emotional connection with the audience. The words are read, but not felt.


I promise a new approach: a new way that will excite your audiences and become a shared call to action between you – the artist – and your fans. This new story will, over time, create an unbreakable bond between you and the public. This story will be so attractive that once audiences read it they will want to come along on the journey of your career with you. They will support you during the hard times and celebrate your achievements. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your art, engage meaningfully with the press and media, give compelling interviews, and be able to determine the course of your narrative with confidence, passion, and conviction. This is an extension of my promise: I want to work for you, to work with you and guide you toward deeper, more meaningful relationships with various audiences and m

embers of the public so you can truly become who you are truly meant to be: an embodied narrative in motion

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