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MuddiBrooke Are All Set For Lunacy

Photo Credit: Jason Bridges

Recent clients Muddibrooke have excitingly announced the forthcoming release of their debut EP "Lunacy" which we worked together to develop their biography. Our friends at Stampede Press have then used and adapted further the story to give us an exciting and engaging press release, I could not be any prouder of the result, bravo team.

Photo Credit: Jason Bridges

On the release of a debut, there is almost certainly an atmosphere of anticipation, a level of hope and in the case of Muddibrooke the hope comes from the stories in the songs. By looking at the human condition, from an emotional perspective this gives us permission to move on; to move forward and hopefully, never look back.

The songs and stories on ‘Lunacy’ asks the question, “What does it feel like to be one of society’s rejects”? We all fall down from time to time and it’s important to pick ourselves up again. We must first own that rejection, accept it and then understand that it is fine to be your own true self. MuddiBrooke express themselves clearly by owning their past and the angst of identity and giving the message of self-acceptance, being your own person and to wear that proudly.

The tracks on ‘Lunacy’ explore living through the challenges of life; those moments that make you feel a bit crazy and question your reasoning. “WE THRIVE AS A TRIBE”. With the events of 2020 it gave the band precious opportunity to reset, revisit and evaluate. It was a perfect opportunity in a far-from-perfect period for the songs featured on ‘Lunacy’ to grow. As time passed and with the band unable to be together in the studio, the music became bigger, better and felt closer to home. MuddiBrooke discovered opportunities in challenging times of forced separation. Songs on the new ep like ‘Fake It’ speaks to us about the daily struggles and those things we need to do to get through, whilst ‘Liverpool Guy’ tells a tale of celebrating your inner party animal and enjoying life’s freedoms to the full, both potentials for new beginnings. The true potency of ‘Lunacy’ was achieved when the band were finally safe to get back in to the studio and prepare for not only the new ep release, but also their debut live shows.

“We love to be able to play together, bringing our songs to life and hearing them as we first imagined, it’s always the best feeling for us. You can plan beforehand but songs truly take another shape when you plug in together and hear them, they’re supposed to be loud and that’s what we’re here to do”, says Brooke (vocals/guitar). “This is the first opportunity to collectively bring the songs from the EP to a live audience, both online and in-person, and it’s something we have been waiting to do for what seems like a lifetime. The true test of performance is to see the reaction from the audience, the raw energy between us and the faces in front, there’s nothing quite like it and it’s the best feeling in the world”, enthuses Brooke.

MuddiBrooke have their sights set on touring, plans are in place and they will be announcing a series of new live dates, to be released soon. As we wait in anticipation the band are about to go into production for their new music video ‘Liverpool Guy’.

Produced and mixed at Snug Recording Co in Nottingham by the band and stalwart producers Robin Newman and Richard Collins, the new ep was mastered by Joe Caithness (Phoxjaw / Capcom / Borderlands).

‘Lunacy’ by MuddiBrooke is released 22nd October 2021 and is available for pre-order now:


1. Devil

2. Liverpool Guy

3. Straight Jacket

4. Turn To Dust

5. Fake It


23rd July – LEICESTER, The Musician

27th Aug – DERBY, The Venue

29th Aug – LONDON, Nestival @ The Birds

2nd Sept – WORCESTER, Drummonds

More shows to be announced.


‘Brooke’ (Harriet McDonnell) – Lead vocals and guitar

Anna Melidone – Bass and backing vocals

Mary Prince – Drums


Official Website:

Facebook: @MuddiBrookeMusic


Instagram: @MuddiBrooke

Twitter: @MuddiBrooke

TikTok: @MuddiBrooke

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