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  • Adam Hayward

The Mechanist Release Their Brand-New Bio

The “GALAXY BRAIN” is the human condition where reality is subjective and ignorance is power. Aggravated, confused and paranoid, but what is the cause? Who is the antagonist in this story, or are we hardwired to seek our own extinction?

THE MECHANIST serves to mirror the digitally engineered version of humanity, where technology designed to unify and advance has been twisted to divide and control. The solutions have to come from positive action; apathetic inactivity cannot prevail. We cannot continue to close our eyes to the truth. Let’s sever the connection; cut the cord.

GALAXY BRAIN is the current single release by THE MECHANIST, and serves as a means to provoke thought and to seek our own solutions.

Bleak, unrelenting and confrontational, we set out to create something that would unsettle and jolt the mindset of the listener focussing attention on our true surroundings. In order to achieve what we set out to do with this particular track we diverged from our usual melodic sound to explore darker, more aggressive territories. GALAXY BRAIN lays bare the dystopian consequences of rampant misinformation on society and the individual. Once we knew what we wanted from this, the lyrics became universal.

As the world around us continues to change THE MECHANIST will change with it. NEW material is soon to be released with a plan to continue the writing and recording process, culminating in our first FULL LENGTH ALBUM. The foot is firmly on the pedal; with a clear vision for our music, this is our most exciting project to date.

For more information on The Mechanist visit their website at

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