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Fallen Mafia : A New Era Of Honesty; A Call To The Splintered Society.

#thesplinteredsociety Is more than just a clever gimmick or hashtag, it has a purpose, a place and is a validation of those, much like myself, who suffer with mental health challenges on a day to day basis. Working with Fallen Mafia on their brand new bio has been and insightful, intimate and learned experience. We have shared many true moments of reflection on what this band has to say to the world, what message do they want to carry and finally to find their people; their own tribe, myself being counted as one of them.

All the biographies I write in collaboration with artists or businesses are opportunities for emotional connection, often it has been cited by many if not all as a bit of a therapy session as well as a writing one. I am fine with that, in fact I encourage people to talk together, have a dialogue that is not often discussed. Sometimes it's by nobody's fault that this hasn't happened before, life, rehearsals, business can often get in the way of a deep and meaningful conversation. However, when this does happen what follows is a new relationship, a better and more vivid understanding of each other. Here is that biography, the work we did together. I, for one, will never quite be the same again, it has changed me as a writer forever.

People’s lives have hidden stories and the universal truth is that we all need validation; to ultimately know that we’re going to be OK. But what if we’re not? How do we even begin to talk, how do we continue that conversation? If you are looking for tales of redemption while you’re still in the eye of the storm, these songs will not offer you that. They are here to share a story, which is the reality for many people; the SPLINTERED SOCIETY.

FALLEN MAFIA connected together in the darkness within those stories, deeply personal and written with the overall message that “IT’S OK TO FEEL BROKEN”.

“As a band we want to open the dialogue, carry on the conversation and share our stories, short of offering hope but validating the isolation that people feel during periods of darkness”.

When you face the subject of loss, the feeling of hopelessness and the inability to use your voice, you find FALLEN MAFIA at the beginning of their current writing process, reaching into the darkness with their most poignant music yet. The band wanted to acknowledge, through their songs, the perspective of those people who are challenged every day, to share their own stories and experiences in order to VALIDATE what someone else may be thinking or feeling. Through that validation, we have an opportunity to better understand each other and have an open, honest dialogue, perhaps for the first time.

Songs such as AWAKEN, STARS, ASYLUM and DON’T LOOK BACK all vary in topic but really dig deep into the messages that the band want to give. With ASYLUM, for example, this is a direct account of suicide intervention, and time spent inside a hospital. Throughout these songs, overall, there are deeply personal accounts of both CALM and CHAOS.

“These songs are personal nightmares, there’s no other way to get around this; calm and chaos seems to have always been a recurring theme. We can’t pull away from the darkness, all we know is pain, so it is to those people we want to speak to. Our splintered society”.

Who are THE SPLINTERED SOCIETY? They are THE FALLEN. Those people who feel invisible, made to feel less valued because they cannot find the words to say to express their own version of the darkness. SOLIDARITY IN SILENCE can offer a union between us all and the all-too-familiar message that IT’S OK NOT TO BE OK.

“It’s accepted to write songs about happiness and positive aspirations. But what about the days that you can’t get out of bed, can’t communicate your feelings nor have the energy to do so? And what about those people who want to support those who suffer, our allies? We want them with us too”.

FALLEN MAFIA have huge plans ahead for a full-production, gloves-off experience, pulling no punches with brutal honesty. ANTHEMS for the fallen and creative visuals will carry their message; a battle cry, and a time to put on that all-too-familiar “war paint”, synonymous with the bands’ stage identity. The message is simple, loud and clear. The stories are deeply personal but they were written to be shared, they belong to each and every one of us. We are all one of the same.


FOR ALL THINGS FALLEN MAFIA go to the website at

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