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  • Adam Hayward

Exploring a Different Story

Bob Strachan came to me a while back with the desire to take a second look at his bio and I was more than happy to lend him a hand to interpret his story onto the page. What was interesting in particular, for me on this bio was the change in tone. What I do I mean by "tone"? Well, when I work with a client the most important thing for us to establish and understand from the beginning is the tone of the piece.

For this one and having had an extensive conversation and listened to the way Bob talks about his work as a Pastor and also a musician, the "energy" point for me was how he related with his community and that he wasn't seeking fame; this wasn't about him but how he could positively effect his environment. This is what I mean by "tone" and how beautiful is that? This is what we wrote together.

What does COMMUNITY mean to us, what is our relationship with that word? Connection between people; either one to one, or as part of a wider group; is at the very heart, the absolute truth of who we are as a human race. The music is where we meet, the connective tissue to begin HEALING, and that is where singer-songwriter, BOB STRACHAN, resides; in that space, at the heart of the community.

He’s not there to create fans, but to make us all fans of music together.

Community isn’t about your location - but destination! Certainly in the respect of coming together for the love of a great song. It’s about deeper, more personal relationships with the musician, and listener.

“Through song we create connections that can last a lifetime, healing where healing is needed, joy where sadness is, and a greater understanding of each other”.

Mutual LOVE, and RESPECT, toward ACCEPTANCE are always the answers.

As a Pastor for his own community, BOB STRACHAN has written an extensive catalogue of music that has a wide range of appeal and influences; deep-rooted in music of PRAISE, and GOSPEL; and in reflection of the landscape; connecting through his love of COUNTRY, and FOLK music. His 16 YEARS as a Pastor, and performing with his own community through worship, and countless appearances in the Folk clubs up and down the land, has taught Bob the universal truth about the shared experience of music and that is: it’s absolute power to heal communities within, and beyond his own.

BOB STRACHAN is now building his community YOUTUBE channel, with tutorials, interviews, and showcasing NEW MUSIC from his own songbook as well as that of other SPECIAL GUESTS.

YOUTUBE is a powerful and engaging tool and for me; an ideal platform for the music, information, and conversations that I want to share with my audience". "I want to enrich as well as entertain, combining educational material and outright humour that is appealing to all; nourishing the heart, as well as the mind”.

The future holds promise. We are waking up from what seems like a very long winter and this is music for all seasons. Bob constantly writes new music; working on his own as well as in collaboration with other artists, and writers; communicating to further his creativity. Expect to see a lot more coming from his Studio, set in the beautiful community of Jedburgh, Scotland.

Check out his work at

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