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"Find your story and tell it the right way. I turn music artist bios from death by wiki to resonant and engaging stories." 

Adam Hayward (MA) Master of Arts and Founder

Music Artist Career Development and Creative Bio Writing.

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Multi-Platinum Award Winning Artist Bloom de Wilde

"It was such a pleasure to work with Adam. I have always struggled with writing my bio, but in just two sessions we managed to write a clear, organic and imaginative story that I am so proud of, and delighted to share.
His charismatic personality makes you feel instantly at ease and supported; his natural ability to bring your unique story to life with such care and dedication makes it an eye-opening and inspiring experience.
I can whole-heartedly recommend working with Adam; you will not regret it!"


My Story

Adam Hayward (MA) Master of Arts

Adam Hayward Music Artist Bio Writer

NARRATIVE IN MOTION is the vision, the ambition of HAYWARD MEDIA COACHING founder Adam Hayward. This is a mission to bring elegant SIMPLICITY and CLARITY to the stories of creative artists from all around the world in presenting their ideas and visions through their bios, the central piece of information. This is the connective thread that brings them closer to their own story but also allows a clear and concise connection to that story by the fans and the press.

“The idea of Narrative in Motion came from a desire to look at a story from its purest beginnings, to reset what we assume. I felt it was important to first heal the disconnection between artist and identity, once this connection had been re-established, to then present this to the fans and let them get to know one another again, it’s a beautiful opportunity”. (Adam Hayward, MA).

Adam began his life in music from an early age with unlimited access to his family record collection turning into a passion for music and by the age of 14, he began first his journey into becoming a DJ which then later became a passion for drums and percussion and then some years later into Radio Broadcasting where he continues working closely with the media, having interviewed hundreds of artists, both with long successful careers and emerging from all over the world.

In 2019 and after a conversation with Bruce John Dickinson, world-renowned Guitarist and CEO of Waterbear- The College of Music he embarked on his biggest challenge to date, MASTERS DEGREE in Music Industry Innovation and Enterprise, and in December 2020 successfully graduated as a MASTER OF ARTS. With his 30 years overall experience working in music and take the academic journey he was keen to continue his study into the story and the impact, the opportunity for emotional engagement that this has.

HAYWARD MEDIA COACHING is the result of desire and selfless ambition; the desire to provide a clear, positive, and loving SERVICE to enable artists to emotionally connect with their own stories and then tell them, in their voice to an engaging audience, first through the bio and then onto the press and/or directly to the fans, the audience. It’s a simple, clear, and effective method and already we have succeeded with dozens of clients to reconnect people to their stories and get their NARRATIVE IN MOTION once more.

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My Vision

"The enemy of persuasion is obscurity" - Nancy Duarte

Narrative in motion is more than just a few clever words or a direct representation of what my business does in the physical sense to help stories moving. It is a promise, a pledge and commitment to my client that I will be there, walk along with them on their artistic journey and jointly experience the narrative that threads their very existence as a performer. This is my absolute commitment to the service I provide.


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